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With expansions to Atlanta led by Comcast and Mercedes-Benz, rental demand has accelerated for good quality multi-family housing. As 2015 approaches mid-year, Class “B” apartment properties with value-add opportunities, are outperforming the Class “A” market.

Many of our clients are focusing on conventional Class “B” Apartment Complexes in the hot Atlanta real estate market. Limited inventory of affordable properties continue to drive rent growth.

At this time, we are looking to acquire Class “B” Apartment Portfolios on behalf of our partners, investors and affiliates.

Potential multi-family acquisitions should meet the following criteria:

  • Location: Primary and secondary markets throughout the Southeast
  • Typical Transaction Size: $750,000 – $5,000,000
  • Asset Class: “B” grade assets
  • Investment Type: Opportunistic, value-add and core plus assets

Class B Specs

  • Generally, product built within the last 20 years
  • Exterior and interior amenity package is dated and less than what is offered by properties in the high end of the market
  • Good quality construction with little deferred maintenance
  • Commands rents within the range of Class “B” rents in the sub-market

Class “B” properties tend to be in good to above average condition, have adequate construction but do not have design and finish reflective of the latest standards and preferences, have above average locations, are generally well maintained, and command average rents.

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